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Clothing Moth Trap | GARSUM®

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  • Professional clothes moths traps: Garsum clothes moth traps can capture and kill webbing and casemaking clothes moths (not suitable for pantry moths). They effectively protect your wool, cashmere, silk, leather, and cotton garments.
  • Powerful & Effective: Garsum moth traps contain a timed release of highly potent female pheromones that attract, trap, and kill male moths, stopping their reproductive cycle.
  • Odorless: Our traps can be safely used in your home. They are an ideal choice for preventing and monitoring clothes moths.
  • Reusable moth boxes: Set includes 6 moth boxes and 12 glue traps.
  • Easy to use: Simply open, peel, fold, and place the traps in your closet or fabric storage area. Our traps contain highly potent pheromone attractants, so you can just sit back and let them work. Each trap is individually sealed for maximum effectiveness and can be used for 3 months once opened.